"How A 3,000 Yrs Old Natural Therapy From Asia That Has Helped Over 637 Nigerians Dump Thier  Glasses & Recover Their Eyesight in Less Than 30 Days  Without Surgery & Hard Drugs!"



...And How It Can Work Liike Magic For YOU, Even If You Are Close To 55 Years Of Age!


Finally In Nigeria: The  Herbal Tea That Helped Correct My Bad Eye Sight within a Month



Dear Friend,

My name is Mr Davies, I had chronic glaucoma and blurry vision until I used a very STRANGE but effective harbal solution.


Before my story changed: Now I can see clearly without the aid of my glasses.

Have you been battling poor eyesight with no victory in sight?



You have tried everything and nothing seems to work?


Maybe your poor eye sight is a result of disease conditions like diabetes, an inherited trait from your parents, or something you think everyone gets as they grow older...


Well, I really  don’t know how your eye sight got affected. But permit me to share my story with you.


After searching a solution to poor eye sight problem for over 10 years, I finally discovered a 2,000 year old potent Asian herbal therapy in 2013 during my stay in China for a conference.

It was in 2013 when I was attending a conference with my elder brother in Beijing, we were running late and we had no option than to ply the one of the busiest ring roads in Beijing.


Reckless driving was the order of the day on the road that day, I was pensive and muttering words of prayer as I was seeing were blurry moving objects and faint colors.


As the traffic light changed from red to yellow, before I could say Jack, my car was swerving sideways until it crashed into a display stand of a herbal store owned by a Master Chen. We had been hit by another car.


I thought that day would be a bad day for me but alas, it turned out to be a day transition from a bespectacled Davies to Davies who can see clearly without glasses on.


After the frenzy from the crash had died down, I and my elder brother stooped down to pick up the affected items.


Unknown to me, Master Chen was watching me and seeing how I was struggling to pick up items from the floor due to my bad eyesight; he came to me, laughed hard and laughed hard again.


Gosh, I was embarrassed.


He told me that despite my eye glasses on I still couldn’t see clearly to pick up items from the ground.


That day I knew what greater pain is experienced when someone makes mockery of your bad eye sight.

Master Chen took me by the hand and showed me a 2,000 year old Asian herbal therapy for clear eye sight that most Chinese adults have been using which has helped them recover their vision.

The 2,000 year old herbal therapy



“Miracle Eye Bright Tea”


Eye Bright Tea is a 100% natural eyesight therapy that helps restore optimal vision, correct various eye defects like myopia (short sightedness), hypermetropia (long-sightedness), astigmatism, night blindness and a host of other eye defects. It also improves general eyes’ health.

Made from 5 Rare Herbs: Chrysanthemum, Chinese Wolfberry, Cassia Seed, Green Tea and Eye Bright Herb all of which are certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of USA.


   "A 2,000 Years Old Chinese   Secret Finally

Reveal to Willing Nigerians! "


According to Master Chen, the Eye Bright Tea is a 3,000 Yrs Old Secret kept By the Chinese Emperor who Discovered Tea drinking-The Legendrey Chen Kung!


This great man have been passing the secret down to some selected few wise men from generation to generation and fortunatly Masters Chen Family was part of the lucky few wo where giving this special recipe of Tea for gettign rid of all eye problems.


"I BEGGED Mr Chan to Sell This Amazing

Solution to Me To See How Effective It Is!"


Just because I need a solution badly for my poor eyesight, I bought 4 packs of this tea at the Nigerian rate of #18,000 each, that is N72,000 in total.



Master Chen seeing my desperation warned me that I should expect a magic to happen but I should religiously administer the therapy for 30 – 40 days and observe the resulting changes.


"I Was Disappointed At First!" 


I started drinking the tea as instructed and for the first 2 weeks, I saw no changes, I became disappointed and almost wanted to give up then I remembered Master Chen’s warning.


I continued drinking it but deep inside me I was already preparing for disappointment but something happened in the 3rd week of administering this therapy: I found out that my blurry vision began to fade!


Oh, what excitement flooded me over the discovered change and today I can boldly say I that Eye Bright Tea helped cured my bad eye sight.


You might be wondering how this tea works.


It works in the following ways:

 Firstly, it detoxifies the body system of toxins from other drugs that have accumulated over time in the body system

 Then, it repairs the optic nerves that been damaged by use of eyeglasses over time

And finally, it restores your eyesight and revitalizes your eyesight never for it to be affected again.


"Finally Say GOOD-BYE to Your Big Glasses & Bad Eye Sight!"

 You Will Not Need Eye Glasses To Read Anymore


 You Will Never Panic When You Leave The House Without Your Glasses

You Will Never Have To Change Prescription Every Month Because Of How Your Eyesight Deteriorates


 You Will Never Have To Be In Fear Of Losing Your Sight In The Nearest Future


 You Will Never Have To Have That Expensive Surgery That Has Been Giving You Sleepless Nights


You will agree with me that, is there is one part of the human body you can’t live without, it is your eyes, because as they say, it is the light of the body!


And with this awesome formula, you will have greater joy that you can enjoy the beautiful things of life beheld by your eyesight.


And if you think we are making this up, here are testimonies of those like you who have used this Ancient 100% Natural Therapy From Asia







However, despite having tons of testimonies...



FIRST, the Miracle Eye Bright Tea it is NOT an overnight magic cure.!

It takes at least 17 days before you start feeling the soothing effects of this therapy.


AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, this 100% MIracle Eye Bright Tea is NOT available in pharmaceutical stores.


It is not like those drugs or tea made by those big companies, which have serious side effects


This Ancient 100% Natural EyeSight Therapy is simply meant for those who are looking for the surest, safest, and more reliable method to regain their eyesight without glasses and surgery, in the shortest time possible.


"Now the Question IS...How Can You Get it TODAY?"


Here Is What You Need To Know;

Right now as I speak, I have just 90 Pcs  left & the Tea is moving very very fast!


But here is the thing; I know YOU WANT THIS PRODUCT.


And I also know you might procrastinate about getting it till you eventually forget.

However, if YOU CAN PLACE YOUR ORDER BEFORE TODAY ENDS, I will give you a MASSIVE discount!


So How Much Will the Amazing Eye Bright Tea Cost You?


(Suitable for Peopel With Minor Eye Probelms)

  Original Price==> N35,000, BUY today  and grab a massive discount of N25,000 on Just two Packs!



(For People With Criticla Eye Sight)

 Original Price==> N60,000, Buy it today you you'll get at a veyr affordble price+> N39,000

When you buy the option 2, You Will Get A FREE Secret Eye Drop that will make this Ancient 100% Natural Therapy Work 2X faster!

Meaning that, if it takes 66 days to restore your eyesight completely, using this Secret Eye Drop can make this restoration in 33 days.

And To Prove That This Our Newly Discovered Therapy Works, We are giving you...

"90 Day Money Back Guarantee!"


Meaning that if it does not work for you within 90 days, all you need to do is just call 09095159064 and ask for your money back.


We would rather give you back your money with a clear conscience than sell you something that doesn’t work for you and then get cursed.


Infact, you will never seen anything like this, in Nigeria as we speak because we have done our research before we stumbled on this!



Simply pick up your phone and send the following as SMS to =>


*Full name***Eye Bright**Option**Phoone *Phone number*
*Delivery Address (including your local government area)*

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will call you to confirm the order, and we dispatch your order as soon as possible.


Shipping Timing:-

LAGOS==> 24-48 Hours


Shipping is Free!

Now You Have 2 Options Before You To Choose...

  1. You Can Decide To Close This Page, Doing Nothing About It, Continue With Your Glasses, Continue With The Frustration Of Taking Drugs Or Live With The Fear Of Surgery


2. Try Out This Ancient 100% Natural EyeSight Therapy that is changing lives of Nigerians like yourself into a blissful one without worrying about your eyes.



If YOU decide to get 2 packs of the Eye Bright Tea, instead of paying
N46,000, you will get it for just N35,000 only (another N11,000 discount again)

So the question again is;

Would You Like To Join Other 637 Nigerians Who Have Used The Ancient 100% Natural EyeSight Therapy To Restore Their Sight Without Glasses/Lens Or Surgery?

If YES is Your Answer, Then DONT DELAY.

Don’t overthink it.

Gets Your For Just N23,000 per pack or N35,000 for 2 packs



Simply pick up your phone and send the following as SMS to =>


***Name**Eye Bright tea**Option**phone no.**delivery addressLocal Govt


Shipping Timing:-


LAGOS==> 24-48 Hours




Shipping is Free!

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will call you to confirm the order, and we dispatch your order as soon as possible.
Remember; Shipping is Free!

We would Be Waiting For You Response

 Mr Davies


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